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Scan4go is focused on pivotal factors in Vehicle for hire industry. Pay drivers more as passengers pay less. We intend to achieve this through a clear method of services. Scan4go believes in positive reinforcement. Moreover, the practice of rewarding work will increase security in our services.

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  • 100

    our target

    Initially reach the total of 100 qualified drivers in Orlando

  • 1000

    happy customers

    Reach the first 1000 happy passengers.

  • 10000

    Reach the total miles

    Run the first 100,000 miles without a single accident or incident

  • 72000

    Earning per year

    Make yearly average of earnings working 8 hours per shift.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Scan4GO was founded in 2022 with the objective to transform the rideshare industry by offering drivers ideal conditions for partnership.
Scan4Go will monitor drivers through passengers' ratings. Passengers are able to select a driver as their favorite. Conversely, poor ratings and customer complaints can be detrimental to your career with Scan4Go. The bottom line is that our staff is concerned with helping our drivers, while still maintaining the integrity of our services to passengers. Other monitoring techniques will be applied by keeping records of routes driven by the driver and saving the accepted scheduled rides.
Yes. All vehicles must be insured before offering rides.
Orlando is our main area pick-up area.
Drivers will see an increase in earnings compared to other applications. Furthermore, drivers will benefit from the possibility to maintain a direct relationship with the passengers available to you. As a setting of our application, riders can select their favorite drivers and continue to schedule rides with them according to their needs and availability.
You will need to submit an application using the following link: and proceed by waiting for a scheduled interview that takes place in our main office in Orlando.
The main one is the quality of our services, as well as our drivers. All drivers undergo a process of an in-person interview, creating a relationship unseen in other applications. This increases security and develops a community culture for our company.
In Orlando, we will have drivers in the most popular tourist spots (Airports and Parks), and our focus will be to service the tourists of Orlando. We will not change our price based on times of the day as our price is fixed. Keeping you riding with us is our focus in Scan4GO.
The driver cannot afford to keep waiting for you, or until other agents in the scenario have everything sorted out. However, we can find you another driver that fits the momentary schedule, as the idea is to never leave you behind with no transportation. We aim to have the least number of cancelations, as the company perceives driver cancellations to be disrespectful to our customers and a lack of commitment from our drivers.